Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What makes Right Weigh unique?

    Unlike other programmes, we don’t just put you on a diet that will only yield short-term results. We help you get to the root of your weight problem by identifying the habits, behaviours and attitudes that affect your weight. I have specialised knowledge of Obesity, Diabetes and Nutrition, qualifications in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling, as well as experience of working in weight management clinics. I work with you individually to help you meet your goals and develop a plan that is exclusive to you. 

  • Q: In the past I have lost weight only to put...

    The key to losing and maintaining your weight long-term is to understand it’s not just about what you eat but why! In order to achieve long term weight loss we need to look at the underlying causes of your unhealthy eating and help you make the necessary behavioural changes to address these. You will also follow an eating plan to lose the excess weight. When you have reached your goal, we offer a ‘maintenance programme’ so you don’t slip back into old ways.

  • Q: Is the programme suitable for men?

    It’s commonly viewed as an exclusively female concern, but as male obesity rates soar, diet and healthy weight loss is becoming just as big an issue for men. In my work in a clinic in Ireland, approx. 40% of my clients were men, and they found the privacy and 1-1 approach suited them rather than attending large, impersonal and female dominated weight loss groups.

  • Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?

    Rate of weight loss depends on many factors, but, on average, clients following our Nutritional Programme can expect to lose 2lb per week. 

    More importantly we focus on fat loss. Many ‘fad diets’ that promise greater weight loss are due to water and lean muscle being lost, which leads to weight quickly being regained again once normal eating is resumed. Our plans are nutritionally balanced and have a high proportion of protein which ensures fat and not lean tissue is lost, plus, very importantly, skin doesn’t look loose and saggy following the weight loss.

  • Q: How much will it cost?

    You will find you actually save money in the long term as you adjust your eating habits and choices.

    Ask yourself what is it likely to cost if you don’t do the programme?

    • Health costs, your health is your wealth.
    • Cost of overeating.
    • Snacks and takeaways.
    • Ongoing programmes.
    • Fad diets.
    • The cost to your self-esteem.
    • The physical and mental cost.
    • The concerns and worry of your family and children.

Our Philosophy

At Right Weigh we have a philosophy that is all about making sure our clients achieve their goals.


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